A Tale of Two Websites: Dueling Political Parties

A tale of two websites - The Nation, May 27, 2004
The Nation has a "tale of two websites" about dueling political party websites: ...For the first time, both parties used their websites to launch attacks and counterattacks against one another.
The Democrat Party’s website screamed: “Parliament taken over, opposition gagged”, minutes after Democrat MPs staged a walkout to protest what they described as the Thai Rak Thai-led government’s unfair allotment of air time during the Thaksin administration’s annual performance review, which started yesterday.
The Thai Rak Thai’s website hit back: “Cheap shot! Democracy undermined by irresponsible, unreasonable opposition.”

The Post mentions that all parties must "play by the rules" in a secondary article about the censure debate. The Nation leads with a screaming "Censure Outrage" headline.

Also: Democrat Party: Policies 'will finally bankrupt economy' - The Nation, May 26, 2004
Due to the populist policies, the country had accumulated a high level of debt that may threaten the Kingdom's future economic stability, Democrat party-list MP Sansern Samalapa said.
Government debt has not only increased to close to 50 per cent of gross national product, but loans at state-owned financial institutions have ballooned by 185 per cent from Bt350 billion three years ago to Bt1 trillion as of last December. This off-budget spending was not reported as government debt...
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