Democrat Party campaign song

Democrat Party campaign song - May 26, 2004
In the forum 'ttaaee' translated and commented on the Democrats' campaign song:
...I guess they're trying to reach young voters by using this song, Mueang Kong Rao (Our City or Our Bangkok) written by a famous pop song composer, Boy Kosiyapong, and sung by the candidate from the Democrat party himself, Apirak Kosayothin. I guess it works right on the target since I've already got 2 emails from my friends (younger ones, of course) telling me about this song.
Visit the campaign website, Our Bangkok (in Thai). Listen to the song, Our Bangkok (in Thai, as well)
Roughly translated version of the song:

Have you ever had this question:
When our city will be livable and beautiful
Where smiles can be found everywhere on the streets
Where all bad news in the newspapers are so short
Where heartwarming can be felt everywhere

It's all up to us (our generation) if we want to make it happen
It's all up to us, let's not wait for anyone else
If we'd start today,
The day our dream comes true wouldn't be too far

There is no us nor them (no discrimination)
We'll all live together like a big family
Where you'll be comforted when you're down
Wouldn't you like that?
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