New highway planned to let herds mingle

New highway planned to let herds mingle - The Nation, April 26, 2007
A 17-km elevated highway is to be built through Khao Yai and Thap Lan national parks to
allow wild elephant herds to mix and end 30 years of inbreeding.
The highway, to cost about 1.3 billion baht to build, will replace the Kabin Buri-Pakthong Chai road, which experts say poses ``a biological barrier'' for wildlife, especially elephants.
...The Kabin Buri-Pakthong Chai road was paved with funding from the United States government as a supply route during the Vietnam War. It cuts precisely along the Khao Yai-Thap LAN border, separating two of the country's richest forest reserves both in terms of geography and wildlife biology.
...The planned highway will be about five metres above ground. Once it is open the existing Kabin Buri-Pakthong Chai road will be closed, enabling the animals to pass back and forth. Thap LAN has the largest population, about 300 animals....
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