Historic Bangkok gears up for 222nd birthday

Historic Bangkok gears up for 222nd birthday - TNA, March 30, 2004
...The celebration, announced by Bangkok Governor Samak Sundaravej yesterday, will take place on 6-13 April.
Whereas previous Ratanakosin celebrations have taken place almost exclusively on the historic Sanam Luang ceremonial ground in front of the Grand Palace, this year the celebrations will take place in seven separate locations around the Ratanakosin Island.
Events will include performances of traditional music and dancing, a mock-up of the ancient Giant Swing ceremony, a re-creation of a traditional floating market, handicraft displays, and exhibition on the history of education in Thailand, a ‘food street’ and observances of traditional Buddhist ceremonies.
Mr. Samak expressed hope that the festival would not only celebrate the capital’s most historic district, but would also help boost tourism and give Thai young people an opportunity to learn about and conserve their national heritage.
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