April Fool’s roundup

April Fool's roundup - April 2, 2004
The Bangkok Post ran its own variation of the BBC's 'spaghetti tree' hoax and well as reprinting the Myron Kropp piano recital, first published in 1967.

The Irrawaddy
had this: Black Elephants Up in Arms - Say White Elephants Getting Royal Treatment: More than ten thousand African-Burmese elephants marched through the streets of Burma’s city centers at 9 a.m. to demonstrate against the centuries-old custom of treating white elephants as auspicious symbols of divine blessing and the black variety as an inferior beast of burden.
"Black elephants are elephants too," read the banner of one protesting elephant in the coastal town of Sittwe. "I’m black and I’m proud," read another in the Kachin State capital of Myitkina.
(Last year The Irrawaddy had this: Myanmar to send troops to end Iraqi dictatorship)

And circulating among those who follow Khmer politics is this oddity (attributed to Nhan Dan, a Vietnamese newspaper): 'Hun Sen Youngest Daughter to Wed King Norodom Sihanouk' - ...Upon questioning of the Cambodian Ambassador's entourage, our reporter was able to find out that the beautiful Miss Hoach, all in her 16 years of age, was sent by her father to attend the needs of His Majesty the King. Also, with her parents approval, Miss Hoach is to wed King Sihanouk on April 12, 2004 at his royal palace in Pyongyang. According to anonymous source from the Cambodian Embassy in Beijing, Nhan Don has learned that the wedding ceremony will be officiated by His Excellency Kim Jong Il in person as no religious authority are allowed in North Korea...

Also: Sorry, but we couldn't help it - April 3, 2004
The Nation has its own wrap up of April foolishness...
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