Warning to cell-phone users: ‘Stay away from power…

Warning to cell-phone users: 'Stay away from power poles' - The Nation, April 9, 2004
Is this an urban legend? It seems similar to urban legend about the dangers of cell phones at gas station: A senior academic yesterday warned people against using their cell phones close to high-voltage power poles - a move that exposes them to the risk of electric shock and their phone exploding...
Turning off the cell phone did not mean the user could safely get closer to the pole, he said.
Discharges of electromagnetic waves from cell phones could cause a spark and attract a flow of electricity from the poles to the phone, thus subjecting its user to the risk of fatality...
Wisarut notes: Mobile phones exploding when used under the high power lines is a real danger since such an incident electrocuted a mobile phone engineer... even though he survived, he needed to have both legs amputated. This incident also has been reported in local Thai press.
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