The politics of police abduction

Latest from Chang Noi - April 12, 2004
It is Monday and thus time for another tough editorial from The Nation. The harshest editorials (like this one) are written under the pseudonym "Chang Noi" (Little Elephant).
From 'The politics of police abduction', The Nation, April 12, 2004: "There is nothing under the sun that the Thai police cannot do." Open the website of the Thai police and you will find this saying of Phao Sriyanon proudly displayed. He is considered one of the founding fathers of the modern police department, and is celebrated in its internal history.
He is also widely believed to have ordered the abduction and murder of several prominent figures during the late 1940s and 1950s, including MPs, Muslim political leaders, journalists and businessmen. His famous saying has a terrible ring. Thaksin quoted it in his speech launching the "war on drugs" on 14 January last year...

Chang Noi has written about Phao Sriyanon in the past (Anything under a dictator’s sun, January 20, 2003). Considering the horrible reputation Phao had both in his own day and through the prism of history, it is amazing (and telling) to find his threatening quote on the police website.
Chang Noi's website.
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