City hall in fresh bid to install electronic traffic light system

City hall in fresh bid to install electronic traffic light system - Bangkok Post, April 22, 2004
City hall wants to re-introduce the area traffic control system--electronic gadgets controlling traffic lights at intersections--to alleviate congestion...
He said the ATC system would be installed at over 200 intersections within a 150-sqkm radius from the Ratchada ring road. The installation is expected to be completed by 2007.
In its 1993 plan, the BMA wanted to install the ATC system at 369 intersections plan. However, lack of cooperation from traffic police stalled implementation, and sensory detector sets placed under roads were destroyed by excavation projects.
Under the current system, traffic lights are programmed to change every three minutes or more, and the police switch to a manual system when the traffic becomes congested.
However, the time period of traffic congestion at an intersection is longer and more unpredictable. The average traffic congestion timespan at the intersection between Vibhavadi and Paholyothin roads in front of Central Lat Phrao was 800 seconds, or over 13 minutes. Mr Chitchanok said motorists would have to wait only 180 seconds or three minutes under the ATC system...
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