The amazing ‘field of pipes’

The amazing 'field of pipes' - February 8, 2004
After ncr mentioned this on the forum, we went to investigate. Between pillars 96 and 106 along Ngam Wongwan Road (east of Phahon Yothin Road) is a huge bog filled with termite mounds and hundreds (perhaps over 1000) of pipes or pilings of some kind driven into the ground. There is no sign nor access road into the site. Anyone know what these things are?


Pipe mystery solved? - February 14, 2004
Pook started a thread at about the field of pipes.

Above and below: After photo enhancement, Pantip-ers made some startling discoveries...



These 'pipes' might be for ground preparation or testing. There were quite a few (right) around the new airport construction site. However, readers on also feel these are part of the alien conspiracy (right).
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