Bargain land?

Bargain land? - translated and summarized from Prachachart Thurakij - December 22, 2003
The 772 million baht purchase of vacant land (33 rai, 78.9 square wah @ 58,000 baht/sq wah) next to the Thai Cultural Center and near MRTA depot by Khunying Photjaman Shinnawatra (the Prime Minister's wife) after also purchasing Ratchada Square is considered a very big bargain indeed. The estimated price of the land before the 1997 economic collapse was 2 billion baht. And now the economy has bounced back from recession.
This is slightly different than what The Nation reported: Sawangjit said the total values of all land plots seized by the FIDF from the (bankrupt Erawan Trust) trust stood at more than Bt2 billion. So The Nation states that the 2 billion baht figure is not for 33 rai plot alone.
What things cost - The Nation, December 19, 2003
The prime minister's wife has won the bidding for a 33-rai plot of state land near the National Cultural Centre and Bangkok's Ratchadaphisek Road. Pojaman Shinawatra bid Bt772 million for the plot, which is close to the route of the underground rail system, under her own name...
The land was put up for auction by the Financial Institutions Development Fund (FIDF), the state-run rescue fund controlled by the central bank, after it was seized from the bankrupt Erawan Trust finance company in 1995.
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