An expensive flight for Angkor Wat visitors

An expensive flight for Angkor Wat visitors -, January 9, 2004
The direct flight to Siem Reap is one of the most expensive in the world: costs USD 270 to flight a distance of about 500 km in about in 45 minutes with a return ticket in economy class... Following the well-organized demise of national flag carrier Royal Air Cambodge in October 2001, Bangkok Airways and Siem Reap Airways obtained the monopoly for the fast-expanding and very lucrative Bangkok - Siem Reap flight after inheriting Royal Air Cambodge's precious flying rights.
It goes on further to allege that Bangkok Airways pays 'commissions' to the Hun Sen government as well as shares in the airline. That information from Khmer Intelligence with a grain of salt. Sometimes they have great inside info that we have been able to verify--other times they go way over the top with anti-Hun Sen musings.
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