How others see Thailand

How others see Thailand - January 17, 2004
Get ready for more articles like this one: Rebel raids see new challenge for Thailand’s ‘scary’ leader (Sunday Herald, January 17, 2003). These days, Thaksin's main sin is his cooperation with the U.S.'s war on terror: Last November, Shinawatra prepared Bangkok for a Pacific nations summit by cramming hundreds of Cambodian beggars on military aircraft home, and concealing slums behind billboards. “I like Shinawatra,” said one Thai shopkeeper. “But he scares me.”... Shinawatra, whose policies are still backed by more than 80% of polled voters, seems to want the unchallenged authority he has in his own party. He also controls all television stations, and promotes his relatives to top military jobs.
Since Thaksin came to power there have been a couple bursts of negative news from the foreign press.
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