Lamenting Trink in The Nation

Lamenting Trink in The Nation - January 28, 2004
Love him or hate him or just wonder what the fuss was about (he was, after all, reduced to reviewing the prices of grocery items), it is strange that the Post has brooked no discussion of Trink's departure. The Nation however has been having fun poking fun at this. The latest is a letter to the editor in The Nation (January 28, 2004):
Silence after Night Owl’s fall
I was no fan of Bernard Trink’s Night Owl Column in the Bangkok Post, but after his forced departure recently I was expecting to read an avalanche of mail in the Postbag. Instead we readers were treated to an Orwellian silence.
Which is why I’m posting this comment here.
Frank Capalupo

Indeed, many readers have commented on the increasingly bland tone of the news in the Post.
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