Civil servant ID smart card

Civil servant ID smart card - January 31, 2004
Chatchawal Phansopa writes: You might have seen the prototype of the new smart identity card in today's newspaper. That is for civilians. This one (right and below) is for civil servants. Source: OCSC (Office of the Civil Service Commission)
UPDATE Conor writes: There are a number of problems with the new smart card prototype:
(1) The typesetting is poor in that the Thai diacritics are floating high instead of rising and falling with the text under them. Look at the “mai-tho” over “jao-nah-thee”in the top line for example. The cause of this is using a software/OS combination which does not fully support Thai.
(2) Line spacing, indentation, font sizes, and distance from text to edge of card could be made more consistent and improved.
(3) The translations are suspect: ”Thai National Officer” does not seem a natural or logical translation. “Government official” (or “Govt. official” to fit) or even “Civil servant” (is that different?) would be clearer. It would also be clearer and more consistent to have “first name” or “given name” instead of just “name”.
You could also make a case for standardizing transliterations of names into English (the “c’ in the sample person’s surname would normally be “kh”) and rearranging the card to be more/completely bilingual.
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