More on the Thaksin and Al-Fayed connection

More on the Thaksin and Al-Fayed connection - November 1, 2003
There must be something controversial in this Nation article, because they try to make it clear it comes from The Guardian, not The Nation. Anyway, there's some info on how Thaksin and Al-Fayed met:

Many have wondered how the Eqyptian (sic) -born proprietor of the world's best known department store, Harrods of Knightbridge, came to know the billionaire prime minister.
About a year after the 1997 economic crisis, a little known petroleum exploration company, called Harrods Energy, was looking for work in the Gulf of Thailand.
The then Industry Minister, Suwat Liptapanlop, asked Dr Surakiart Sathirathai, to handle the request.
Harrods Energy got its exploration license and spent a couple of years drilling in vain off the Prachuap Khiri Khan coast.
In the meantime, Surakiart dabbled in the new politics of Thai Rak Thai, as Suwat's Chat Pattana Party waned. Surakiart introduced Thaksin to Al Fayed, and the two of them hit it off.

Earlier: On October 30, 2003, ran this: Thaksin and Al-Fayed
You have probably seen the recent articles about the Prime Minster wanting to buy Fulham football club:

Thai premier Thaksin mulls purchase of Fulham football club - Channel News Asia, October 29, 2003
It was still unclear how Thaksin and Al Fayed became acquainted. The Egyptian, who owns luxurious Harrods Department Store in London, visited Thailand in March 2000 at the invitation of Thaksin, who was standing to become prime minister. & Al Fayed: Fulham is not for sale - The Nation, October 29, 2003
Mohamed Al Fayed is an interesting personality. He is the father of Dodi Al-Fayed who died in the car crash with Princess Diana. He owns Harrods, the Ritz Hotel in Paris, and other premiere properties. He has a cool personal website (there are not many older rich people who understand how to use the web). The connection he has with Thailand is that Al Fayed's brother-in-law is arms merchant and wheeler-deeler Adnan Khashoggi, who was at one time one of Thailand's most wanted men. He was wanted along with Rakesh Saxena for being involved in the collapse of the Bangkok Bank of Commerce in 1996. Khashoggi now resides in Saudi Arabia beyond the reach of Thai law.
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