Five dancers bear their breasts after their boss wins four million baht in the lottery

Five dancers bear their breasts after their boss wins four million baht in the lottery - translated and summarized from Thairath Daily, November 8, 2003
[Here it is by popular demand--the original article from last week's controversy. Thanks to Wisarut for translating it.]
On November 3, at 8pm at Ban Nong Phong Lek, Moo 10, Sar See Mum Commune, Kamphaengsaen, Nakhon Pathom, Sia Dam (Mr. Toemsak Pitithanasarnsombut), a boxing promoter and his friend won 4 million baht in the lotto (438 -> 3 upper numbers). So Sia Dam and his friends have paid appreciation. He got Abbot Poon of Wat Phai Lom of Nakhon Pathom and he paid appreciation to a takhian tree by offering a pig head, fruit, and running a cinema for local people for three days.
However, at 1:30am, there were five women wearing only bikinis dancing around the takhian tree while local people were watching cinema. Such a strip dance wrecked havoc at the cinema as there was a big stampede by the male locals who nearly grabbed those girls. After finishing the strip dance, the ladies left in a van.
After asking temple boys, they said the girls were dancers from Bangkok who won the two number lotto and make a pledge with the takhian tree that they would strip dance before the tree if they did win the lotto. Otherwise they would face a curse from the takhian tree.
However, Mr Jirawat Sasomsub, the landlord who owns the land the takhian tree in on and is the owner of Watsaduphan Thurakij Co.Ltd. said he and his workers will move the takhian logs near the takhian tree to Wat Phai Lom and invite the abbot to exorcise the spirits in the takhian log to follow the abbot--otherwise, he cannot live in peace.
Commentary by Wisarut: Note that a high quality newspaper like Matichon Daily has made a very different report. Matichon reported that the dancers feel shocked their photo was taken without permission and that local news reporters from Thairath may have fooled them into doing such a thing. These photos could be part of a big blackmail scheme...

There were several incidents around midnight (20-30 years ago) in which young and beautiful ladies (Thai and farang) strip danced in front of Thao Mahaphrom shrine at Rat Prasong Intersection. More recently, there have also been videos of strip dances given as a way to pay tribute to Thao Mahaphraom.

Earlier: More on the tree dancers - November 9, 2003
Nils points out: Here's the pic and article in Thai Rath about the "half-nude tree dancers"

Naked tree dancers in Thai Rath - The Nation, November 7, 2003
You may have seen more people huddled around newsstands than usual yesterday. What they were looking at was photos of nude dancers on the front page of Thai Rath. These photos boiled into such a big controversy that even the English-language press commented on them--unusual since the sometimes crazy news carried by the Thai-language press is usually not mentioned in the in English-language press. Anyway we are sure to see this story featured in Weird News columns around the world: Thai Rath has initiated an internal investigation into a sensational story, filed by its provincial correspondent, about five young women dancing half-nude to thank a "haunted" tree for helping them win a lottery.

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