Highrise rankings

Highrise rankings - October 24, 2003
Nils points out: Of course you know skyscrapers.com and mentioned it on your site several times already, but did you see these statistics?

A "Skyline Ranking" based not only on the number of highrises, but also how many storeys they have, with Bangkok ranked 5th worldwide, only behind Hongkong, New York, Chicago and Singapore!
A list simply based on the number of highrises, for the Asian continent, with Bangkok ranked 5th.
The same worldwide, with Bangkok ranked 12th; and a ranking based on the number of highrises per population (with Bangkok not in the top 25).
Of course the results are derived from the skyscrapers.com database, i.e. they can only consider what has been entered there - and for Asia, more data is missing than for Europe and North America! (But undoubtedly, HK is THE world skyscraper city.)

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