Restoring order to city a daunting task

Restoring order to city a daunting task - Bangkok Post, November 15, 2003
Nils points out this editorial about the challenges of a new Bangkok governor: ...traffic-clogged, maze-like streets with a profusion of shopping malls without adequate parking and the continuing destruction and abuse of the environment. Instead of urban landscaping and public parks, we have endless rows of ugly shophouses and towering concrete monstrosities trapping hot and polluted air and dwarfing backlots on which slums are sprouting.
The laws governing city planning are complex, contradictory and administered by agencies that do not always liaise with each other. This is evident in the frenzy of building construction going on, with huge condominiums being built in narrow sois without any provision for an infrastructure to cater for them...
It seems that when building contractors decide to do things their way without getting all the official permits, the bureaucracy appears to work to their advantage and no one seems to have the authority to order them to call an immediate halt...
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