Where to get Pen-Ek DVDs?

Where to get Pen-Ek DVDs? - November 20, 2003
Pen-Ek Ratanaruang is a sophisticated director who makes quirky, often surrealistic films about modern Thai people living isolated lives in the big city. Most of his work is internationally acclaimed, which means it is usually not popular with Thai audiences. JF asks where to get DVDs of Pen-Ek Ratanaruang movies (genuine copies, if possible), especially Last Life in the Universe and Monrak Transistor:
JF writes: I did a survey just now. I walked and checked all the pirated DVD shops on Silom from Rama IV until the Christian hospital (on the Patpong side only). My findings:
-The worst answer: I waited for almost 10 minutes without the shop owners paying attention to me while they were selling to a Montana guy buying a truck load of DVDs. I walked away.
-The best answer: Will be available next week.
-The average answer: What is that movie? It's Thai movie? What's the name in Thai?
Guess that it's a case of a good movie released at the wrong place, wrong time... On the Last Life website you can download nice wallpapers...

BTW: Here's an interview 2Bangkok.com did with Pen-Ek when he was having his first local success with the film Fun Bar Karaoke.
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