Anti-GMO protest staged around cargo vessel in Tha…

GMOs exposed in Thailand - Greenpeace, November 21, 2003
”Thailand and other Asian countries increasingly risk to become the dumping ground of GMOs that are rejected by Europe. growing of GE crops are banned in Thailand for a good reason, and we should not encourage the growing of GE crops elsewhere by allowing imports from the US and Argentina.”

Earlier: Anti-GMO protest staged around cargo vessel in Thailand - Xinhuanet, November 20, 2003
Greenpeace seems to have become quite active in Thailand recently. Earlier this month an anti-GMO banner was hung over a billboard in Bangkok. Now: Seven Greenpeace members wrote large anti-genetically modified organism (GMO) signs with white paint on each side of the pink hulk of a Argentina cargo ship, named MV Poseidon, which anchored on the sea of Thailand Gulf, some 120 kilometers southeast of Bangkok.
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