Thailand shocks Afghan doctors

Thailand shocks Afghan doctors - AsiaTimes, 2003
...However, while the representatives from East Timor and Sri Lanka appeared fairly sedate during the tour, the Afghan doctors expressed intense culture shock - often surprising the media and their hosts.
...while traveling together in a separate mini van or eating after a seminar, the five men from Afghanistan often regaled one another about social behavior in Thailand, where, unlike Islamic Afghanistan, women do not wear the all-encompassing cloth burqas.
The five Afghan doctors commonly cited Islam as the reason the infection rate is low in their relatively isolated country compared with bustling, Buddhist-majority Thailand.
"It is because of the religion, because in Afghanistan all people are Muslim, and Islam does not accept things like Thailand," Dr Baz Mohammad Shirzad, Jalalabad-based deputy director of Afghanistan's Eastern Region Health Directorate, said in a taped interview. "Islam says, 'You have a wife and must be honest to the wife.' Islam does not accept sex like Thailand's people," Shirzad said...
"Afghanistan's people, if they know about a woman having sex with another [man] who is not her husband, they suggest killing her," said Shafiqullah Shahim, the Kabul-based Health Ministry's national HIV/AIDS control program officer...
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