Redevelopment for Chinatown

Redevelopment for Chinatown - Xinhuanet, December 11, 2003
...The first project will involve a revamp of the Klong Lot area from Dinso Road to the Interior Ministry.
The second will see the revival of the historic area around the Golden Mount, with more convenient and safer facilities to allow tourists to view historic sites and the demolition of buildings which spoil the view.
The third project will see an overhaul of the famous Khao San Road tourist area, from Tha Prachan to Pak Klong Talat - a pet project of Bangkok Governor Samak Sundaravej...
The fourth project involves the beautification of Bang Khun Thien beach through the construction of wooden walkways, in the hopes of boosting eco-tourism.
The fifth project will turn the old Arun Amarit Road into a pedestrian walkway with colored cement, trees and electric lights.
However, the most ambitious project involves the redevelopment of the Sampeng area, known as the capital's Chinatown, said the official. He added that pavements will be given a new look to allow shoppers to make their purchases in the areas' warren of alleyways more easily, while the area will also get new lighting and tap water pipes. It is hoped that the Sampeng redevelopment project will see the complete modernization of the Rattanakosin-era area.
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