Saddam in Thailand?

Saddam in Thailand? - December 16, 2003
Sources have long contended that most high level prisoners from Afghanistan and Iraq were first interrogated in Thailand (Thai officials deny this). Thus, rumors started to swirl as Saddam's capture was announced that Saddam himself was either on his way to Thailand or was already here. On Sunday night, the Associated Press reported that Saddam had been moved out of Iraq. CNN reported that Saddam was in Qatar, but the next day this was denied.
This is the usual pattern: 'sources' tell various news outlets about the whereabouts of a high-ranking POWs and then the next day this is matter-of-factly denied. Also: Saddam Whereabouts Still a Mystery, Reuters
UPDATE December 18, 2003: CNN is now quoting Iraqi officials as saying Saddam is still in Iraq and has never left...
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