Local press reports end of Trink column

Local press reports end of Trink column - December 19, 2003
Weeks after it was widely reported and discussed on the internet (Stickman was the first to report it on November 30), the local press belatedly notes that Thailand's most famous frang, Bernard Trink, will end his weekly column this month. The article notes an archive to Trink columns from 1996, which has been rendered useless since Bangkok Post has changed their archiving system and broken all links yet again.
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Don Entz alerts us to Stickman's news item about Bernard Trink's legendary column finally being dropped from the Bangkok Post on December 31. It has been a long tenure for the Trink Page--from a two-page column 30 years ago in the defunct Bangkok World that recommended specific prostitutes to today's column where Trink is reduced to printing email urban legends and discussing food prices with, as the New York Times famously put it, 'nixonian seriousness.'
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