More on ‘Gassed in Thailand’

More on 'Gassed in Thailand' - December 30, 2003
On December 26, we pointed out the peculiar 'Gassed in Thailand' article (Newlyweds gassed and robbed in Thailand - New Zealand Herald, by Louisa Cleave, December 26, 2003). On December 29, The Nation ran the same article (Couple still scarred by wedding in Thailand - The Nation, December 29, 2003), but in a slightly edited form, omitting such quotes as: "They feared speaking out about the situation while still in Thailand, and now want to warn other travellers." It is an interesting example of how local papers sometimes rely on foreign papers for local news.
Earlier: Gassed in Thailand? - New Zealand Herald, December 26, 2003
This is weird: ...They recalled coughing and spluttering, which they later learned was probably caused by sleeping gas pumped into the bus... Credit card records show that while they were marrying the robbers were spending $5000 on washing machines and televisions in Bangkok department stores... "We were deliberately deceived. The police never had any intention of investigating the case even though we strongly wanted the case investigated."
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