A scramble in Bangkok for a $10 million reward

A scramble in Bangkok for a $10 million reward - New York Times, September 13, 2003
The capture of a senior figure in al-Qaeda near Bangkok last month has set off a mad and, some say, unseemly scramble. Thai police, military and intelligence units have all approached the US embassy with their hands out, asking for a share of the reward for the capture of Hambali...
Washington's generosity is causing headaches for the CIA. There are intense rivalries and jealousies between the Thai police, military and intelligence units. Often they refuse to share intelligence information, and one unit would not take kindly to another getting more of the reward money, one Western diplomat said...
But one Western official was somewhat amused at the notion that reward money should be paid to any Thai government agency involved in Hambali's capture. The operation was carried out essentially by the CIA, the official said, echoing what US and Australian officials have said previously. To avoid jeopardizing the arrest mission, the Thai police were not even made aware of it until the last minute, American officials said.
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