Absolute power in 1973

Today 30 years ago - The Nation, September 21, 2003
The Nation newspaper's front-page on September 21 reports widespread rumours circulating among Thai men in the north that young foreign women dressed in hippie attire are offering their own brand of love in and around Chiang Mai - and it certainly isn't free love... The paper went on to quote the "love rate" as ranging between a hefty Bt200 and Bt500, depending on the length of the "love" before adding that the response among Chiang Mai men is "enthusiastic".
If you broke the law back in 1973, you risked having the prime minister on your case - personally judging and sentencing you, as four military conscription officers discovered to their cost.
Page four of The Nation reports that Prime Minister Field Marshal Thanom Kittikachorn exercised his "absolute power" under Article 17 of the Revolutionary Decree.
The decree allowed the prime minister to summarily convict and sentence any citizen. Thanom handed down jail terms to four officers in Ayutthaya.
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