Bangkok Post moving to pay-per-article

Bangkok Post moving to pay-per-article - September 27, 2003
We were the first to report last month that Post Books was ceasing operation at the end of October. We have now learned that Bangkok Post is porting its online database of past articles into a pay-per-view system.

The front end of this system is already visible on their new search page, but past articles are still free at this point. This new system requires online signup. As usual, do not trust your personal data to websites in Thailand. Despite their prominent privacy notice, the Post left names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of those who signed up clearly visible on the internet. For instance, the first three people to sign up were: Hing Wan/David Kwok and
Kansak Wattasirichai from Bangkok, and Naranart Phuangkanok from Tokyo (we have held back their other personal details).
UPDATE: The new search page has already been removed and replaced with the old one.
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