Thaksin grooming himself for south-east Asia leadership

Shinawatra grooming himself for south-east Asia leadership: observers - Correspondents Report, October 5, 2003
PETER LLOYD: ...Unflattering comparisons have been made to Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi and his controlling ways and Dr Mahathir authoritarian style, but Mr Thaksin insists he’s neither.
THAKSIN SHINAWATRA: I have the Parliament, the check and balance system, don’t worry I can be dictator, I cannot. The system cannot allow, even if you want to, you cannot. (laughter from audience) But this does not mean that I want to. (laughter from audience)
PETER LLOYD: However, there is one aspect of the Mahathir way that Thaksin espouses, the placing of economic development ahead of freewheeling political liberties.
THAKSIN SHINAWATRA: I'm aggressive, that's my style. We don't have economy of scale, so we need economy of speed.
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