Shrinking Trink

Don points out the ever dwindling Trink column in the Bangkok Post: Years ago, the column was two full pages, then cut to one. When it was cut from one to a half page, Trink compared it to Moses having to cut the 10 Commandments to 5.
Now it has shrunk even further to a few columns and is typically made up of a single long email a reader sends to Trink. Believe it or not, as recently as the early 1990s, Trink was the guy feminists used to rant about for reporting on the bar/hooker lifestyle.
These days
his weekly article consists of three columns of unattributed email about the health-benefits of bananas: Bananas help people trying to give up smoking and cure hangovers, and can reduce strokes by as much as 40%, etc. Trink ends the banana piece with: ...Presumably I'll get another flood of mail taking me to task for re-printing yet more urban legends. Oh, well...

Past Bangkok Post-promoted urban legends are here.
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