Notes on the National Stadium

Notes on the National Stadium - July 16, 2003
Wisarut Bholsithi writes: Even though the Indian journalists praised our stadiums at Huamark, Suphan Buri and Chiangmai as looking excellent (see below), old stadiums like the National Stadium (built in 1937 and opened in 1940 on the former palace of Crown Prince Vajirunahit - the first Crown Prince who passed away in 1894 at the age of 17 - AKA Hor Wang or the Siamese replica of Windsor Palace) looked dilapidated after the 1998 Asian Games due to the lack of allocated funds compared to Huamark Stadium which has a large budget. National Stadium has been used for domestic sports since 1940 and for hosting international sports since 1959. Stadiums at Klong Hok, Lam Lookka, and Pathumthani remain unfinished due to scandals.
India admires Thailand's 'rich' sports infrastructure - The Hindu, July 3, 2003
...Even India cannot boast of such a track record, despite being the `economic super power' of this continent. What makes Thailand such a destination for major and World-level competitions? Its dynamism and its ability to create such fantastic infrastructure throughout the country. While travelling in the bus for practice session at the main stadium the Indian coach G.E. Sridharan said "I have been to this country as a player and coach for so long I can say that they are just fantastic. Even if you go 700 kms away from Bangkok you will find the same neat roads, compact indoor stadiums of international specifications in various colleges and the commitment to conduct such big events to show others that they are the best.'' Thailand does not need the massive and marvellous indoor stadiums like in Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai...
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