The Sathorn boat

The Sathorn boat - July 21, 2003
Last week we asked: An ornamental boat being constructed around a pillar on Sathorn Road. Anyone know what this is about?
Wisarut Bholsithi writes: The steel ship you see at South Sathon Road is a Chinese junk (or Dragon Ship translated from Chinese characters) since the area from South Sathon to Thanon Tok was in the Yannawa District before Yannawa Districtt was broken into the Sathon district, Yannawa district, and Bang Kholaem district in 1995. The name of Yannawa is derived from a pagoda with the shape of Chinese junk constructed at Wat Yannawa (a temple visible from Saphan Taksin Skytrain Station) by the Royal command of King Rama III (the King who had been
dealing with traders in China since he was a prince).
Yan means vehicle Nawa mean relating to the sea, thus Yannawa is "the vehicle realting to the sea - the ship"
King Rama III decided to construct the pagoda with the shape of the Chinese junk because he had seen that the Western steamships were going to replace the obsolete Chinese junks. The pagoda with the shape of junks would remind later genrations about the shape of Chinese junks which had been used in trading for hundreds of years. Later generations decided to make a steel replica of Chinese junk as the way to remind that this area used to be within the Yannawa district.
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