Mars getting closer by the day

Mars getting closer by the day - July 21, 2003
It's a bright reddish star that is visible after 10:30pm in the eastern Bangkok sky... Articles: The Summer of Mars: What You'll See, How to Observe & The 10 Best Mars Images Ever The Post had a funny article about Mars two years ago during another close pass: Learn astronomy with the Bangkok Post - June 24, 2001 From Conor: Bangkok Post had a lead article about Mars' proximity to the earth ("Stargazers view Mars at its closest point," June 24, 2001). Nice to see them giving scientific events some priority. But then they concluded with "In another two years, Mars will come to within 55.7 million km of Earth, the closest in at least 5,000 years. At that time, NASA is preparing to land astronauts on the planet for the first time." Full article on the Bangkok Post website.
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