Suriya pays B4m for 9999 license plate

Suriya pays B4m for 9999 - Bangkok Post, August 12, 2003
[The original Post story has long vanished from the net, but here is the story from the BBC: Thai minister invests in 'lucky' licence] This story is already slathered across all the weird news sites around the globe, but in case you missed it: Transport Minister Suriya Jungrungreangkit wanted the car licence plate number 9999 so badly that he paid four million baht for it.... "If I sell it, I could get 4.5 million baht," Mr Suriya said. "It's better than investing in the stock market. But I definitely won't do that."... The auction continues tomorrow and Thursday. The department plans an auction every month. Mr Suriya said auctioning auspicious numbers would put an end to the bribery previously associated with obtaining them.
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