Alien Big Cats

Alien Big Cats - August 15, 2003
It's odd that all the newspapers reported the recent incident of 'leopards" loose in Bangkok without noting that sightings of mysterious big cats are common urban legends in modern times (called Alien Big Cats or ABCs). Don Entz points out an interesting Crutch column on an ABC in Bangkok two decades ago: In June 1981, a black panther was reported to have escaped from a private household in the Makkasan district of Bangkok... The two men later admitted they had taken the panther to Makkasan swamp and then staged the capture. They thought that when the fuss had died down, they would be able to quietly return the panther to its true owner and at the same time remain heroes. But they hadn't counted on the authorities deciding to release the panther into the wildlife sanctuary. That's when the owner started demanding either the return of the panther or a sizable payment instead.
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