A tale of two newspapers: When publicity goes wrong

A tale of two newspapers: When publicity goes wrong - August 16, 2003
Conor points out this example of publicity gone wrong: how the Tourism Authority of Thailand's hiring of Anna Kournikova is reported in the local and foreign press.
The Nation:
TAT serves up Kournikova - August 15, 2003
Glamorous Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova has been hired by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to appear in a promotional video promoting the Kingdom, and will collect a tidy Bt10 million in the process. The TAT's deputy governor, Santichai Eauchongprasit, said yesterday that Kournikova would be the first foreigner hired by the agency to feature in a tourism promotion campaign.

Ananova (Associated Press):
Anna Kournikova to be ambassador for "sex industry" resort - August 14, 2003
Anna Kournikova has agreed to become a tourism ambassador for a Thai resort known for its sex industry... Kournikova will also appear in "Unseen in Thailand" - a promotional video on lesser known places of interest in and around the city.
Kournikova to be rep for Thailand city - Star hired to promote tourism in Pattaya, known for sex industry

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