7-Elevens in Thailand

7-Elevens in Thailand - Siam Future, August 9, 2003
Believe it or not, a question 2Bangkok.com gets very often is "how many 7-Elevens are there in Thailand?" Astonishing stats from an article on 7-Eleven:
Year Number of stores
2003 2,300 (300 new stores to open this year)
2004 2,600
2005 3,000
2008 5,000 outlets (up from earlier forecasts of 3,000 stores)
In general, the service coverage of each 7-Eleven in Taiwan and Japan _ the so-called catchment area _ is an area containing 3,000 people, while each store in Thailand serves up to 10,000 people. Mr Piyawat said that given the ratio, the convenience store business in Thailand could see total outlets reach 20,000 at a maximum, up from 6,000 at the end of last year.
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