Info wanted on Mordey alternators

Info wanted on Mordey alternators - August 22, 2003
CR Sant writes: I am writing from Enemalta Corporation, which is the operator of the Malta Utility system. A net search brought up your address in relation to "Mordey alternators". Malta was equipped with such machines in the late 1890's, and I am trying to find information on these machines. Reference is made to your write-up on 'tramways related companies', in particular the following extract: " Four 100-kw. generators of Mordey's type, rope-driven by Brush compound vertical engines, to which the exciters (65 v.) are connected." It appears the Siam Electric Company was also equipped with possibly identical plant at around that time. I would be much obliged for any information you may be able to provide, both technical and pictures, about that particular type of plant. [The caption on the photo reads "The Government of Malta Electricity Supply Department 1895-1922"] Anyone have additional info?
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