Local news

Local news
After a long drought, there is a flood of interesting articles from the English-language papers:
Future of 103-year-old landmark in doubt as traffic keeps customers away - Bangkok Post, August 25, 2003
Few markets last as long as Nangloeng market in Pomprap Sattru Pai district, which is marking its 103rd anniversary this week... Nangloeng, once a thriving business place, is still famous for its delicacies, beautiful rows of shophouses dating back to King Chulalongkorn, a majestic wooden movie theatre and other tourist attractions. However, traders say round-the-clock heavy traffic and a lack of parking space scares away potential customers. "People no longer want to come by this area in such horrible traffic," said Pramoen Kaosala, a confectioner.

B499m contract for Srinakarin Rd works - Bangkok Post, August 25, 2003
City hall's public works office has selected a contractor to expand and elevate a 6.5-kilometre section of Srinakarin road to improve the traffic flow and reduce flooding... The section between Phatthanakan and Udomsuk junctions will be expanded from six to eight lanes and elevated 60 centimetres... The BMA also plans to spend 60 million baht expanding the bridge across Phra Khanong canal on Sukhumvit road. A bottleneck is created as the road's six lanes reduce to four on the bridge.

Keeping the pressure on foreign businesses - The Nation, August 25, 2003
...Orawan added that under the new draft, non-Thais would now be required to invest at least Bt2 million to register a company in Thailand. She said that most such companies, at the same time, would be permitted to hire no more than 10 foreigners, on the basis of Bt2 million in capital per foreign worker. "Companies that want to hire more than 10 foreigners must pay tax of at least Bt3 million a year."

What happens if Thailand has a bombing? - The Nation, August 25, 2003
...If there is any bombing, big or small, before or during the summit, in or outside the venue, it will plunge the country into a deep abyss... Oddly enough, Thailand still firmly believes - we are Thais, and that is out mind set - that members of regional terrorist organisations, especially Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), do not want to blow their cover over here in a safe haven. Therefore the order to arrest Hambali needed to come from the prime minister, who believed the JI was up to something bad.
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