Firm raided over ‘N-part’ export

Firm raided over 'N-part' export - May 11, 2003
Yomiuri Shimbun reports (in English and Japanese) a Japanese firm was raided for trying to export nuclear device materials through "a Thai communications device maker."
The (Metropolitan Police Department) suspects Meishin have frequently used the Thai company to bypass restrictions and evade inspections by the ministry, which oversees exports and imports of such devices. The devices could be diverted for use in a uranium enrichment program to develop nuclear weapons, the MPD said.
The Bangkok Post
refers to the company as a "Thai communications firm." Asahi Shimbun has some history of Meishin's past attempts to get nuclear parts to North Korea and Yomiuri Shimbun has something about repeated attempts to get oscilloscopes to North Korea. We are curious what "Thai communications device maker" is being referred to.
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