Overseas Americans’ taxes going up?

Overseas Americans' taxes going up? - May 21, 2003
The latest confusing reports are that the removal of the tax deduction for Americans working overseas WILL be removed during committee.
Earlier: The American Chamber of Commerce reports: Many of you have heard by now that the amendment to strip the section 911 provision out of the Senate Tax bill failed by a vote of 51 to 49. Thus the Senate Tax bill has been approved which includes REPEALING the 911 provision. The next step in the legislative process is expected to be convening a conference committee to reconcile differences between the Senate- and House-passed economic growth bills. The House May 9 passed a $550 billion tax reduction bill that does not include any revenue offsets. An elimination of section 911 will raise the cost of American's doing business abroad and affect your taxes.

U.S. citizens about to lose tax benefits of working overseas - May 14, 2003
The American Chamber of Commerce is warning that the elimination of the $80,000 exclusion on foreign earned income is slated to be repealed for American workers overseas. It is being debated this week in Congress. They suggest American overseas workers contact their representatives immediately.
To facilitate your action, we are providing the following:
1. A generic letter addressed to both a Senator and a House member explaining the reasons the overseas exclusion should not be repealed. Please modify the letter to your particular circumstances; and
2. Send this letter to your elected representative. Contact information can be found at:
* Senator and Senate leadership
* Congressperson and House leadership (if uncertain, use your last known address or a relative's address)
FAX numbers should be available from the Member's website. Please do not "MAIL"--since the anthrax scare, mail can take weeks to be delivered. EMAIL is possible for most offices only if you provide a local (U.S.) address and zip code.
This matter is urgent as the Full Senate is considering this legislation this week and the Republicans are hoping to conclude the conference and send a final bill to the President before the Memorial Day recess begins May 23.
For U.S. taxpayers in Thailand, the repeal of 911 may not have much impact on individual U.S. taxpayers overall tax rates, however, the repeal would mean higher cost of American business abroad in general, the effects being heavy on U.S. exports. It could result in a 2% reduction in US exports, which translates to a loss of over 250,000 U.S.-based jobs.
You may view the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's summary of Why the Exclusion of Americans Income Earned Abroad is Critical to U.S. Economic Security.
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