Suriya Watch

Suriya Watch - May 28, 2003
For those interested, Transport Minister Suriya Jungrungreangkit announced a barrage of big plans (such as the plan to unify Bangkok Mass Transit, promises of shorter waits at traffic lights, and Suriya wants 100km of tracks in 10 years) in the run-up to a planned censure motion and impeachment of him by the Democrats this week. Suriya also threatened to name names of opposition members involved in graft at the new airport. However, The Nation reports `Hands off Suriya' injunction by leaders stuns Democrats-Unknown bargain struck by minister (May 28, 2003) so it looks like the minister has dodged trouble for now.
UPDATED: Opposition accuse transport minister of double standards - MCOT, May 29, 2003
Suriya hits back at key Democrat - Bangkok Post, May 30, 2003
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