Asia finds its own way: In Praise of Thaksin

Asia finds its own way: The Thai roadmap - Asia Times, May 30, 2003
If you regularly read the English-language press, you've probably only read negative press on the Prime Minister. Here's something about Thaksin's methods explained by one his chief policy advisers.

...We in Asia should not replicate the West in our economic model, which does not mean that we should reject historical and scientific facts. We should rather provide an alternative model of development, and an appropriate time frame to achieve our objective. The world will be richer if there is more than one model of development.
The path of technological development is one with exponential steps. The pace of change is too rapid for humans to keep up with since we are all slaves to our beliefs and emotions that continue to plod ahead at analog pace. Sometimes, we even take a step backward, since the violence of change may be too harsh for us to bear.
We should strive to be a society that draws upon the assets of our rich history and natural resources to provide cash flows for our peoples, combining our assets with modern technology. Such ways of production will enable us to trade and enter into economic and social relationships with both analog and digital societies...
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