Thammasat University peace speeches

Thammasat University peace speeches - June 20, 2003
Another interesting interview with Jahan Galtung in the opinion section of the Nation by Pravit Rojanaphruk about the collapse of the U.S. 20 years from now because of "contradictions."
"It's happening all over the world right now. Passengers are calling up their airlines to see what aircraft they're flying," he said, adding that if it's Boeing then they will change the airline as Boeing produces bombers like the B-52 and is thus a "death factory".
Another speech in this series was How to understand American hypocrisy?
Anti-American articles like this have typically not turned up in English-language Thai press before. There have always been vitriolic and nationalistic editorials in the Thai-language press away from the eyes of expats, but that these articles are now in the English-language press demonstrates the unprecedented distrust generated over the Iraqi war.
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