What happened to 95.5 FMX?

What happened to 95.5 FMX? - February 26, 2003
Many people have been asking what happened to the Thai radio station 95.5 FMX. It changed format recently.
...BEC-Tero, a subsidiary of Channel 3 television operator BEC World Plc, holds a 51% share in the joint-venture company while the British group, owned by tycoon Sir Richard Branson, has 49%...
We wonder which partner in the deal has more influence.
...Yesterday, Virgin BEC-Tero relaunched two stations, 95.5 FM Virgin Hitz and Virgin Soft FM 89. The first station, Virgin Smooth FM105, made its debut in November.... ``Our competitors won't like this, but we'll be stealing business from them,'' said Mr Craissati, adding that Virgin was a world expert in innovation. Virgin BEC-Tero also planned to launch its fourth station, FM 105.5 when the time was appropriate...
So the bottom line is that local stations are being eaten up by foreign conglomerates wishing to establish a presence here.
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