Burmese historian banned for white elephant claims

Burmese historian banned for white elephant claims - March 20, 2003
Pieces written by historian Dr Than Tun have been banned from Klaya, a Rangoon-based monthly magazine, after he refuted comments made by the military government in reference to the discovery of white elephants having a positive affect on the economy... "There is no connection between white elephants and the development of the country. Elephants are animals whether they are white or black," Dr Than Tun told the Washington-based Radio Free Asia (Burmese Service) last month. He says that there is no reason for anyone to pay respect to an elephant.
Claims of finding white elephants have long been a way for Burma and Thailand to annoy the other country--it is a kind of touting of national pride and legitimacy with announcements coming during times of mutual conflict or turmoil. More Myanmar news at Rebound88.org.
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