When the news breaks too fast…

When the news breaks too fast... - March 20, 2003
Cormac points out: ...some stories get out before sufficient diplomatic power is wielded...
Thailand ignores US request to expel Iraqi diplomats - Yahoo News, 3:10 pm, March 19, 2003,
...A second Thai official confirmed there were no plans to expel Iraqis. "We will not do anything at the moment," he said...
Three Iraqi diplomats expelled - Bangkok Post, just after midnight, March 20, 2003
...The move should not be seen as Thailand leaning towards the US. Thailand was sharing intelligence not only with the US, but also with China and Vietnam. Foreign Minister Surakiart yesterday said the diplomats' lives were in danger and they should leave the country for safety reasons. Mr Surakiart would not elaborate but said their departure would be temporary.
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