New York Times in town!

New York Times in town! - April 9, 2003
Sometimes a glut of articles about Thailand in an overseas newspaper means one of their reporters is stopping by for a visit and then writing up all the local issues. Seth Mydans recently has had several articles about Thailand run in the Times. Before the Thai articles he had a series of articles covering issues in the Philippines. The latest Thai-themed article is "Thais Seek Safety in Masks and Faith." Usually these type of articles poke fun at weird Thailand and this one, about how Thais are protecting themselves from SARS, ends in a characteristic way: ...The Buddhist Abbot Utama of Kanchanaburi is counseling his followers to paint their fingernails every Thursday and Friday with characters from the sacred language of Pali. The left fingernails are to be inscribed with the characters te, cha, su, na and ma. The right fingernails should carry the characters pu, cha, nang, vi and ve. Alternatively, some people suggest a potion recommended by the Chinese goddess of mercy, Guanyin: boil five sprigs of parsley, five sprigs of spring onion and five slices of ginger in two bowls of water. Add salt and brown sugar. After drinking, avoid washing the hands for one hour.
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