Who is Benedict Anderson?

Who is Benedict Anderson? - April 12, 2003
The Nation printed a bizarre "interview" entitled How to understand American hypocrisy? with "Professor Benedict Anderson, political scientist and a retired professor at Cornell University."

It contained questions like: "Some of the so-called Thai elite had openly expressed their preference to have their children grow up under the more-or-less benign US hegemony rather than other world powers. Do you find this wise and pragmatic?"
Benedict Anderson is an acclaimed left-wing thinker: Benedict Anderson, the author of Imagined Communities and The Spectre of Comparisons, is a professor of government at Cornell University. Another source says: Benedict Anderson is one of the world's leading authorities on South East Asian nationalism and particularly on Indonesia. Benedict Anderson is Professor of International Studies and Director of the Modern Indonesia Project at Cornell University, New York.

He has previously been quoted in The Nation on Thai-Cambodian relations: "If Angkor Wat belongs to Thailand, then Chiang Mai should go to Burma" and also speculating that al-Qaeda was not responsible for the Bali bombings. Here's a speech he gave critiquing nations in Southeast Asia in 2001.

Benedict Anderson, 2001
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