Cambodian road to Phra Viharn

Cambodian road to Phra Viharn - April 17, 2003
A post we just came across in the Bkkriders group: Say, did you know that there is now a road to ride up all the way to the top of Khao Phra Viharn from the Cambodian side! I didn't know that. Not that I read newspapers everyday, but I have a feeling that this news may be suppressed in Thailand? Certainly, it should be embarrassing for Thai people--in particular, for officials--that now they must hand over the honor of being the only gateway to this splendid ancient ruin, especially as they have one-sidedly closed this gateway back in 2001. I have mixed feelings about this news. On my first (and only) visit there in 1999, I enjoyed solitude and serenity among the splendor of the landscape. Those days are over now, I guess. I have gathered some information on Khao Phra Viharn and put them on my homepage. -Shinji
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